About Cebuano Association of Australia, Inc.

“We all want to be seen not for the choices we made ten years ago, but for who we are today.” ― Elaina Marie, Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead

The Cebuano Association of Australia was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit Organization.
  • To provide support and assistance for newly arrived Cebuanos to Australia;
  • To extend support and assistance for the people in Cebu;
  • To Provide awareness of the Cebuano Culture and Heritage to our Children;
  • To Create an Identity for Cebuanos in Australia;
  • To support and Preserve the Heritage and Culture of Cebuanos;
  • To respect other Community Groups;
  • To be Open and Transparent;
  • To be accommodating;
  • To be United;
  • To be Committed;
  • To provide Recognition
  • To create a Website / Social Media;
  • To celebrate Cultural Festivals of Cebu;
  • To affiliate with other Community Groups;
  • To create a place to get together;
  • To teach Cebuano language;
  • To provide Steps to help / resource (i.e. a Guide);
  • To create and provide a Sports Tournament;
  • To celebrate Cebu Food Festivals;
  • To assist the Cebuano Elderly;
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